Term Condition

Important: By using, downloading or installing any element of the Product (as defined in Section 1 below), you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Invoice maker Terms of Service (“Terms”). These Terms govern your use of the Product and form a legal contract (“Agreement”) between you and Invoice maker, if you are domiciled in the United States; or between you and Cimrid Pty Ltd, if you are domiciled outside of the United States. (“Invoice maker”, “we” or “us”),  and you (“Customer” or “you”). 

By electronically accepting these Terms or by establishing an Invoice maker account or using the Product after the Effective Date of these Terms, you consent and agree to comply with these Terms.  This Agreement includes and you are consenting to:

1. Software/Service.

1.1 Rights for Use. The Service include the right to use the Invoice Simple mobile application. The Company grants Customer access as part of the Service and any program updates provided as part of the Service. 

1.2. Accounts; Security. Access to or use of certain portions and features of the Service may require Customer to create an account (“Account”). Customer states that all information provided by it is current, accurate, complete, and not misleading. Customer further states that it will maintain and update all information provided by it to ensure accuracy on a prompt, timely basis. Customer is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of its account(s), including Customer’s password. Accounts are not transferrable. Customer agrees to promptly notify Company if Customer becomes aware or suspects any unauthorized use of its accounts, including any unauthorized access or attempted access. Customer is responsible for all activities that occur under its account(s). Further, Customer is the primary account holder and is responsible for all charges made by additional users added to the accounts.

1.3. Restrictions on Use. In accessing or using the Service, Customer will not: (a) resell, lease, encumber, sublicense, distribute, publish, transmit, transfer, assign or provide such access or use to any third party in any medium whatsoever; (b) devise specifications from, reverse engineer, reverse compile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the Service; (c) apply systems to extract or modify information in the Service using technology or method such as those commonly referred to as “web scraping,” “data scraping,” or “screen scraping”; (d) knowingly input or post through or to the Service any content that is illegal, threatening, harmful, lewd, offensive, or defamatory or that infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy rights or rights of publicity of others, (e) store data on the Service that is regulated by the HIPAA Privacy Rules or the PCI Data Standards (f) input or transmit through or to the Service any virus, worm, Trojan Horse, or other mechanism that could damage or impair the operation of the Service or grant unauthorized access thereto; (g) use or access the Service for purposes of monitoring the availability, performance or functionality of the Service or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes; or (h) cause, assist, allow or permit any third party (including an end-user) to do any of the foregoing; (i) use the Service to compete with Company in any way; or (j) permit any third party to use or access the Service other than Customer’s direct employees or contractors who are acting on its behalf. 

1.4. Maintenance. Customer agrees that Company may install software updates, error corrections, and software upgrades to the Service as Company deems necessary from time to time. All such updates, error corrections and upgrades will be considered part of the Service for purposes of this Agreement.

1.5. Applicable Laws. Customer’s access to and use of the Service is subject to all applicable international, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Customer may not use the Service or any information data or Customer Content in violation of or to violate any law, rule or regulation. Ensuring Customer’s use of the Service is compliant with applicable laws is the responsibility of Customer.

1.6. Suspension of Service. Company has the right to immediately suspend the Service (a) in order to prevent damage to or degradation of the Service or unauthorized or non-compliant use or (b) for operational reasons such as repair, maintenance, or improvement or because of any emergency, or (c) if, following notice from Company, Customer has failed to pay any amounts due and owing. In the case of (a) or (b) Company will give Customer prior notice if reasonable and will ensure that the Service is restored as soon as possible after the event given rise to suspension has been resolved to Company’s reasonable satisfaction.